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Welcome To A Better Body

The restoration of mind, body and spirit begins by discovering the healing powers of A Better Body Massage Therapy.

It has been proven that massage therapy:

  • Promotes faster recovery from injury and illness
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Relieves tension headache and eye strain
  • Reduces spasm, pain and swelling
  • Lowers anxiety
  • Strengthens the immune system and helps prevent diseases
  • Provides a general feeling of relaxation and well being

We provide you with a peaceful and caring environment where you can relax while enjoying our diverse line of body work custom tailored to address your specific needs.

Our carefully selected staff of licensed and certified therapists is committed to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, and will always strive to improve the health and welfare of our clients.

Here you will find massages to help with a variety of problems; like chronic and acute pain, sports injuries, repetitive movements’ syndrome, edemas and water retention, varicose veins, post surgery recovery; or just to unwind from the stress of daily life.

Come experience a new type of massage studio, a simple, comfortable and affordable place with the relaxing atmosphere of a spa.